June 5th, 2010

i’m all done relaxing…can i get back to work now?

we’ve only been in prefab heaven for 2 1/2 days and already i’m itching to get home. i’ve got recipes to try. bread to bake. berries to jam…

but, we’ve got another day here, so i found this. not that you’d ONLY eat the food you see advertised on television…but it’s still quite astounding.

and, since we’re on the subject of astounding, check this out: it’s like food carts in portland, except with the flair of a craft bazaar. crazy!

wish me luck tomorrow as i try to enjoy some more sitting around…

dinner time. lunch time. snack time.
i love food all the time. thankfully, i have a job that involves food.
which is fun. and amazing.

i’m a baker, and i own a bakery. i love to eat, and i love to cook - most importantly i love to share food with others.

and that’s what sprinklefingers is for - to share my food thoughts and dreams and wishes with you.

right now i’m wishing dinner was ready.